Safe Haven Sunday, March 7-8, 2020

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January 30, 2020
A Message from Fr. Miles Walsh
March 19, 2020. Feast of St. Joseph
March 14, 2020

Pornography has become more prevalent than ever. Over-sexualization in entertainment has become the new norm and our devices have given us constant availability and accessibility to anything we could ever want at the push of a button. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote a formal statement to express the Catholic church’s stance on pornography entitled “Create in Me a Clean Heart: A Pastoral Response to Pornography.” In the publication, it states, “The use of pornography by anyone in the home deprives the home of its role as a safe haven and has negative effects throughout a family’s life and across generations.”

Bishop Duca has designated the weekend of Sunday, March 7th and 8th, the Second Sunday of Lent in 2020 as “Safe Haven Sunday” for the Diocese of Baton Rouge.  On that weekend, the Bishop is asking the entire Diocese to focus on the harms of pornography and to provide resources to support and protect individuals, marriages and families in order to make every home a “safe haven” from pornography. Click here to view resources for all families.